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The Crisis Behind Our Crisis: talk and discussion with Alexander Boot

Tuesday 22 March 2011
7.30 pm

About the new book, The Crisis Behind Our Crisis, by Alex Boot:

What if the current economic crisis is about more than just economics? What if it is also a symptom of a deep spiritual malaise in our modern world? This bold and challenging polemic by the acclaimed author of 'How The West Was Lost' argues that having dispensed with Christianity as the social and moral adhesive of society, the West has replaced it with nothing but materialism. As a result, governments, banks and the public, driven by self-interest, greed, and the pursuit of 'happiness', have plunged the world into ruinous debt. By showing the reader how economics, political science, theology and philosophy interact now, and have done over history, 'The Crisis Behind Our Crisis', argues that our financial mire has deeper metaphysical origins and it is far more ingrained than anyone dare admit until now. Powerful and persuasive, this provocative but accessible book explores issues untouched by other commentators and adds a compelling new dimension to today's economic debate.

In this brilliant book, Alexander Boot delves far deeper than anyone else into the origins of the current crisis. With implacable logic and a grasp of history far superior to that of other commentators, he shows that the economic crisis is not merely economic, but spiritual' --Dr Theodore Dalrymple

Admission is free but booking essential.

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