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Award-Winning Comedian, Francesca Martinez talks about and signs her new book, What the F*** Is Normal?! at the Spirella Ballroom

Tuesday 02 June 2015
7:30 pm

‘What do you do when you’re labelled abnormal in a world obsessed with normality? If you grow up in a world where wrinkles are practically illegal, cellulite is a cause for mental breakdown and women over a size ten are encouraged to shoot themselves, what the f*** do you do if you’re… (gasp) disabled?’

When Francesca Martinez was two years old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and her parents were informed she’d never lead a ‘normal’ life, a statement Francesca finds utterly baffling. ‘Surely’, she says, we all have things we can and can’t do? Isn’t that pretty well, normal? Nobody says ‘Beckham’s a great footballer but he’s crap at Scrabble’’

After a very happy childhood, Francesca strode into high school and had some of the unhappiest years of her life thanks to bitchy classmates who turned her into an insecure wreck. A five year stint on Grange Hill, one stand-up comedy workshop, a passionate love affair and a broken heart later, Francesca realised she had the power to stop judging herself by society’s standards and create her own.  This is not an autobiography. Nor is it self-help. What the F***k is Normal?! is a funny, moving and very honest exploration of how to prevent others shaping your views and reclaiming that power for yourself. It’s a call-to-arms, championing individuality and encouraging us to be happy with who we are.


Francesca Martinez is an award-winning comedian who has toured globally with her one-woman show, What the F*** is Normal?!.

Tickets are £10 and will include a copy of the paperback book (£7.99. The Spirella Ballroom is located in Letchworth (SG6 4ET).  To book tickets online, please go to:


There will be a £1.25 booking fee on Eventbrite, or call the bookshop.

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