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Vitali Vitaliev Discusses and Signs his New Science-Fiction Comedy Thriller, Out of the Blu

Tuesday 01 May 2018
7:30 pm

How well do you know the one you love? 

Out of the Blu is not so much about the multiverse as about relationships, attachments and all those beautiful little differences that make each of us unique.

Viktor and Katherine Petroff return from a short holiday in Majorca to find somebody is in their house. Meanwhile, Victor and Catherine Petrov return from a short holiday in Majorca and on the way home suffer a minor traffic collision. At the same time, Victor and Katherine Petrovas are involved in a major car crash and are killed outright.

Three identical couples. Two have slipped through the cracks from other universes, and find themselves in the dead couple’s house. Trapped in a world which is almost – but not quite – like their own, with weird spellings and strange names for familiar things, they must work together to figure out how they travelled the multiverse to become stranded in a strange land.

With the help of a friendly policeman and an expert scientist, can they reverse whatever has happened and go back to their home universes?

Vitali first made a name for himself in the Soviet Union, writing satirical journalism in Krokodil and other publications, exposing the activities of organized crime and corruption in the collapsing country. Finally he defected in 1990 after persecution by the KGB. He has appeared regularly on TV and radio in the UK and is the author of many books, including cult classics Dreams on Hitler's Couch & Borders Up and more recently, Passport to Enclavia and Life as a Literary Device.

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