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Editor, Kate Macdonald will Discuss The Conscientious Objectorís Wife , A 100-Year Old Love Story in a WW1 Prison

Thursday 15 November 2018
7:30 pm

On 4 November 1916, Frank Sunderland, a pacifist from Letchworth, was formally arrested for refusing to join the armed services under the Military Service Act 1916. He was sentenced to six months’ hard labour at Wormwood Scrubs, but was not released until April 1919.

Frank’s wife Lucy remained living in Letchworth with their three children: Dora, Chrissie and Morris, aged 9, 7 and 5. She took over Frank’s job of collecting insurance premiums and earned extra money by sewing keeping hens. The Letchworth Quaker community supported them stoutly, in contrast to the attitudes of their families in London, who thought Frank’s stance was unpatriotic. Frank and Lucy wrote to each other as often as the law permitted, and their letters are rare surviving evidence of working-class wartime experience. As well as testifying to their love and loyalty to each other, the letters show how their shared beliefs upheld the couple through two and a half years of separation, thinking through how a better future in a more equal society could be achieved for all.

In editing these letters Kate Macdonald needed to research nearly two hundred footnotes. As well as the Co-operative Movement, the Garden Cities Movement, and the No Conscription Fellowship, she learnt a great deal about the Home Office Scheme for alternative service for COs, the Esperanto movement, the Temperance movement, a host of Independent Labour Party politicians, the wartime cabinet members who disagreed with Lloyd George, the Women’s Freedom League, Theosophy, the Workers’ Educational Association, vegetarian cooking in wartime, the Labour Leader, the Alpha Union, Letchworth’s welcoming attitude to wartime refugees, the elections of 1918 and 1919, and the remarkable numbers of men and women in political partnerships.

Tickets are £6, which are deductible from the cost of the hardback book (£24.99) if purchased on the evening. To book tickets, please ring the shop on 01462 684631 or call in to the shop.

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