David's Bookshop Poet-in-Residence, John Gohorry

David's Bookshop, Music & Cafe is located in Eastcheap, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 3DE
Letchworth Garden City, SG6 3DE

John Gohorry is David's Bookshop's Poet-in-Residence. John appears irregularly in the bookshop, reading his poems and talking poetry with allcomers. John has published ten collections of poems to date; his latest, Squeak Budgie! (Smokestack, June 2019) is a series of 24 satires on events unfolding in Brexit Britain from 2016  to the present day.

More information about John and his poems can be found at his website, http://www.johngohorry.co.uk/index.html


23 June 2019

Many thanks to David's Bookshop for giving me this space on their website and for giving me freedom over what I put on it. I'll start with a poem I wrote near the beginning of my residency; it's a sonnet modelled on the metaphysical poet George Herbert's Prayer, which consists of a string of metaphors offering different perspectives on the subject. My (secular) poem aims to do a similar thing, giving different (though not comprehensive) perspectives on its subject, Poet. I think that each metaphor might in fact be a trigger for another poem, though not necessarily of sonnet length or structure. Here's the poem:-


Netmaker; interpreter; spark bringer

to the tinder-dry rook roost; nurse; midwife;

walker on rooftops; horsewhisperer; singer;

thief; lookout; lifeguard; preserver of life;

builder and crosser of bridges; artist

of all that disturbs, teaches or pleases;

dreamer; explorer; wallgazer; fabulist;

stone-breaker; namer of our diseases;

closer and opener of doors; coaxer of flame

from the hearts of others; plumber; scout; scourge;

faker; playmaker; cobbler of what came

to hand or to mind; shapeshifter; demiurge;

cook; traveller; acolyte; word-warden;

sweep; labourer in the Muse's garden.