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Jeffery Deaver Talks About and Signs his New Book, Solitude Creek

Jeffery Deaver Talks About and Signs his New Book, Solitude Creek

  • Sun May 10, 2015 - 17:30 pm
  • David's Bookshop

effery Deaver's mastery of suspense, character and rollercoaster plot twists has made him one of the world's most successful thriller writers. In his new book, Solitude Creek, Deaver returns to one of his own most popular characters: the body language expert and special agent Kathryn Dance.Dance, an agent with the California Bureau of Investigation, finds herself suspended from duty when an interrogation goes bad in a horrific way. She’s demoted down to the Civil Division of CBI and given the boring assignment of checking permits after a stampede in a local roadhouse – called ‘Solitude Creek’ - results in several deaths and a number of injuries. But Dance is a highly trained expert in body language; her most deadly weapon is her instinct and she soon learns that the panic at the roadhouse was intentional - a classic case of someone yelling fire in a crowded venue - and unofficially begins to investigate. And so begins a deadly chess match between Dance and the eerie perpetrator, Antioch March, who is planning more such panics in the Central California area. He’s obsessed with the idea of fear and people trying to escape from the threats he creates. No one attending a play, sitting in a movie theater, dining in a restaurant or stepping into an elevator is safe. Dance’s personal life - her connection to both her colleague Michael O’Neil and boyfriend Jon Boling - adds to the pressure, as do issues with her children. And the consequences of her botched interrogation, resulting in her suspension, return to haunt her and may permanently end her career if not more.

Jeffery Deaver has written 33 novels, has been translated into 25 languages and has sold over 20 million books worldwide.  He has been a Sunday Times bestseller in the UK with his last 14 books, including the James Bond novel CARTE BLANCHE.