Japanese Style Companion Planting


Japanese Style Companion Planting brings the techniques of a master farmer in Japan to home gardeners all over the world, with over 175 easy-to-follow color illustrations and detailed texts.

ISBN: 9784805315491 Author: Kijima, Toshio Publisher: Tuttle Publishing Publication Date: 5th June 2020 Imprint: Tuttle Publishing Cover: Paperback Pages: 128 Language: English Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subject:

Japanese Style Companion Planting brings the techniques of a master farmer to home gardeners in over 175 easy-to-follow colour illustrations.Japanese gardeners typically work with small plots and are experts at making the most efficient use of available garden space. They have long understood that when compatible vegetables and fruits are grown together, the result is increased yield, healthier plants, fewer pest problems and better taste. The vegetables from their small gardens are the mainstay of Japan’s famously healthy cuisine and movement towards farm-to-table dining.Author Toshio Kijima is head of the Biotechnology Department at Tochigi Agricultural Station in Japan and principal of the Nogyo Daigakko School of Natural Farming. In this book, he provides 88 different plant pairings, including common favorites such as:Tomato with basilEggplant with green beansCarrots with edamameIceberg lettuce with broccoliStrawberries with garlicGreen beans with arugulaBlueberry bushes with mint…and many other pairings that yield tasty, nutritious vegetables and fruits, all grown without the need for pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This book also covers excellent combinations for relay planting, such as watermelon followed by spinach, spinach followed by broccoli, broccoli followed by potato, and many more. Clear and precise instructions on everything from planning and preparing your plot to planting depths and spacing are accompanied by highly instructive drawings and diagrams. Information on the theory and basics of companion planting will ensure a smooth transition to sustainable gardening techniques that millions of home gardeners are using!

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