Mensa Riddles & Conundrums


A book and games pack with more than 100 games, puzzles and activities.

ISBN: 9781787399310 Author: Allen, Robert Publisher: Welbeck Publication Date: 14th October 2021 Imprint: Welbeck Cover: Other Dewey: 793.73 (edition:23) Pages: 72 Language: English Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subjects: , ,

The Mensa Riddles and Conundrums Pack explores some of the most fascinating areas of puzzling pleasure.

As well as some really challenging lateral-thinking puzzles and brain-befuddling riddles, it contains a variety of ingenious games designed to challenge the most demanding mind. There are lateral-thinking problems of great cunning, ancient games from China and Siam, and a host of original puzzles that will stretch ingenuity to breaking point.

It is rare to find such a diverse collection of puzzles and games in one place. They call for a wide variety of puzzling skills and will keep readers pleasurably engrossed for many, many hours!

Contains more than 50 fiendishly difficult riddles and conundrums; double-sided game board with dice and counters; tangram set; pentominoes set; matchsticks; jailbreak game.

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