Supersize Cross Sections: Inside Engines


Roll your sleeves up and get ready to go below the surface as we find out how 15 of the most awesome creations work using detailed cutaway scenes.
ISBN: 9781786038005 Author: Hedelin, Pascale Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions Publication Date: 2nd May 2019 Imprint: Wide Eyed Editions Cover: Hardback Dewey: 621.8 (edition:23) Language: English Readership: Children - juvenile / Code: J Category: Subjects: , ,
Get ready for a journey like no other as you explore 15 of the most awesome supersize vehicle cross sections!

Blast into space on the Saturn V Rocket Launcher and learn all about how this amazing machine made it to the moon. Delve to the bottom of the ocean on a nuclear-powered submarine and explore the watertight compartments. Relax in style as you rumble across Europe in the luxurious Orient Express. 

With bite-size captions and cutaway diagrams, each spread features a different and exciting machine, showing and telling its inside story. Discover what life on board these amazing vessels is like:

  • Adventure Galley, a giant sailing ship captained by the famous pirate William Kidd
  • The Orient Express, the luxury train that traveled all the way across Europe to the Orient
  • RMS Titanic, the great passenger line that famously sank on its maiden voyage
  • LZ 129 Hindenburg Zeppelin, the airship that was destroyed in a disastrous fire
  • M4A4 Sherman tank, the American armored fighting vehicle used in WWII
  • Saturn V rocket launcher, which transported satellites, probes and astronauts into space
  • R.V. Calypso, the world-famous research vessel
  • International Space Station, the giant space laboratory
  • Fishing trawler, an enormous industrial fishing vessel
  • Nuclear-powered attack submarine, a special military vessel
  • Fire engine, with all the necessary equipment to get a fire under control
  • Houseboat, a floating home
  • Airbus A380, the longest, widest and heaviest airplane ever made
  • Circus convoy, transporting everything from equipment to artists, from elephants to popcorn
  • Tunnel boring machine, used to excavate tunnels
Fasten your seat belts and bon voyage!

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