The Republic of Thieves


Thief and conman Locke Lamora must live with the past in order to survive the day – the Bonds Magi are back, out to exact revenge, and Locke must also counter his first love.

ISBN: 9781473223714 Author: Lynch, Scott Publisher: Gollancz Publication Date: 20th September 2018 Imprint: Gollancz Cover: Hardback Dewey: 813.6 (edition:23) Pages: 608 Language: English Edition: Reprint Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subject:

After their adventures on the high seas, Locke and Jean are brought back to earth with a thump. Jean is mourning the loss of his lover and Locke must live with the fallout of crossing the all-powerful magical assassins, the Bonds Magi.

It is a fallout that will pit both men against Locke’s own long-lost love. Sabetha is Locke’s childhood sweetheart, the love of Locke’s life and now it is time for them to meet again. Employed on different sides of a vicious dispute between factions of the Bonds, Sabetha has just one goal – to destroy Locke for ever.

The Gentleman Bastard sequence has become a literary sensation in fantasy circles and now, with the third book, Scott Lynch is set to seal that success.

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