The Search for Ancient Egypt


The world of the pharaohs, rediscovered and revealed by such men as Howard Carter, discoverer of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

ISBN: 9780500300138 Author: Vercoutter, Jean Publisher: Thames and Hudson Publication Date: 18th May 1992 Imprint: Thames and Hudson Cover: Paperback Dewey: 932 (edition:20) Pages: 207 Language: English Readership: / Code: Category: Subject:

Buried treasure, looting, intrigue and dedicated scholarship; ‘wonderful things’ gleaming in the darkness; the cache of royal mummies; and, most wonderful of all, the tomb of Tutankhamun.

This is the complete story of the rediscovery of ancient Egypt, a tale of extraordinary characters: Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon, who braved the ‘pharaoh’s curse’; Belzoni, ‘the Patagonian Samson’; Champollion, who unlocked the secrets of the hieroglyphs – and a tale of spectacular rescue, with modern technology mobilized to save Egypt’s monuments from flood waters and the ravages of time.

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