Travels With Marx


Whether you’re an expert on the subject or eager to learn more about the modern world’s most influential political philosopher, you’ll be surprised and fascinated by Musto’s Travels with Marx 

ISBN: 9781787702172 Author: Musto, Marcello Publisher: Europa Compass Publication Date: 21st October 2021 Imprint: Europa Compass Cover: Paperback Pages: 144 Language: English Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subject:

The portrait of the modern world’s most influential political philosopher that emerges in this book is very different from the granitic, sphinx-like image memorialized in public squares during the 20th century. After spending some desperately poor years in Britain, in the mid-1870s Marx started traveling again. Travels with Marx tells the stories of those travels, peregrinations, encounters, conversations, and reflections and by bringing readers closer to the man who was Karl Marx is also an invitation to revisit his philosophical ideas.

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