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A View from the Stars by Cixin Liu

A View from the Stars by Cixin Liu

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'We’re mysterious aliens in the crowd. We jump like fleas from future to past and back again, and float like clouds of gas between nebulae; in a flash, we can reach the edge of the universe, or tunnel into a quark, or swim within a star-core... We’re as unassuming as fireflies, yet our numbers grow like grass in spring.

We sci-fi fans are people from the future.' – Cixin Liu, from the essay 'Sci-Fi Fans'. A View from the Stars features a range of short works from the past three decades of New York Times bestselling author Cixin Liu's prolific career, putting his nonfiction essays and short stories side-by-side for the first time. This collection includes essays and interviews that shed light on Liu's experiences as a reader, writer, and lover of science fiction throughout his life, as well as short fiction that gives glimpses into the evolution of his imaginative voice over the years.

Publication: 9 May 2024, Bloomsbury, Head of Zeus
ISBN: 9781035908585

Extent: 224 pages

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