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Simul: Momenticon by Andrew Caldecott

Simul: Momenticon by Andrew Caldecott

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From Andrew Caldecott, the bestselling author of ROTHERWEIRD, comes the jaw-dropping conclusion of the MOMENTICON duology - an epic adventure like no other! 'Remember Simul' - the last words of a dying man, and the key to mankind's survival. Words which take Morag, Fogg and their friends on a wild ride through caverns and over mountains, into old paintings, to a university unlike any other and up the lethal Tower of No Return. A ride where mythical beasts, legendary monster-hunters and a corrupt establishment lie in wait... while the weather-watchers look on and bide their time. 

It's a race against extinction too... for nature herself is bent on vengeance.

Publication: 18 Jan 2024, Quercus
ISBN: 9781529415476

Extent: 384 pages

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