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Tuesday 19th March 7pm (doors 6:30) David's Bookshop 

His Majesty's Airship with S. C. Gwynne 

Join us for an author event with S. C. Gwynne, author of His Majesty's AirshipWhen the R101 first took to the skies, she was the largest aircraft ever to fly. What followed was a tragic finale to a tale of human folly on a grand scale. It was meant to dazzle the world with cutting-edge technology and awesome size. The spectacular crash of the British airship R101 in 1930 changed the world of aviation forever. Most have heard of the fiery crash of the Hindenburg, a German ship that went down in New Jersey seven years later. But the story of R101 and its forty-eight victims has largely been forgotten.

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Monday 25th March 6:30pm (doors 6:00) David's Bookshop 

An Evening with Adrian Tchaikovsky  

We are very excited to announce a forthcoming event with Hugo and Authur C. Clarke award-winning author Adrian Tchaikovsky. He'll be coming to David's to talk about his latest novel Alien Clay - an ambitious standalone that takes place in a far-distant future on a hostile alien world. 

Adrian will be interviewed by Lauren Beukes, author of Bridge.

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Thursday 25th April 7pm (doors 6:30) David's Bookshop 

Making History with Richard Cohen

Who writes the past?

And how do the biases of storytellers - whether Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare or Simon Schama - influence our ideas about history today? Epic, authoritative and entertaining, Making History delves into the lives of those who have charted human history - professional historians, witnesses, novelists, journalists and propagandists - to discover the agendas that informed their world views, and which in so many ways have informed ours. From the origins of history-writing through to television and the digital age, Making History abounds in captivating figures brought to vivid life, from Thucydides and Tacitus to Voltaire and Gibbon, from Winston Churchill to Mary Beard. Rich in character, complex truths and surprising anecdotes, the result is a unique exploration of both the aims and craft of history-making that will lead us to think anew about our past and ourselves.

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Thursday 2nd May 7pm (doors 6:30) David's Bookshop 

An Evening with Kathy Lette for Revenge Club 

We are so excited to announce an event with Kathy Lette! As well as being a bestselling author, Kathy Lette is a magazine columnist, TV presenter and household name. We can't wait to welcome her to David's to celebrate the publication of her latest novel, The Revenge Club

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Tuesday 14th May, 7pm (doors 6:30) @ David's Bookshop 

An Evening with Letitia Clark for Wild Figs and Fennel: A Year in an Italian Kitchen

Tasting and a demo!

Indulge in a year of Italian culinary bliss.

Wild Figs & Fennel is not just a collection of seasonal recipes; it's a passport to the Mediterranean, a charming journey into the ease and pleasure that defines Italian life. Chef and food writer Letitia Clark brings together simple Italian flavours and lighter, modern interpretations with an aim to put the best of each seasons ingredients at centre stage.

From refreshing summer salads to steaming bowls of wintery pasta, you’ll find classics such as Sausage Lasagne with Ricotta, Pecorino and Fennel and Orange Blossom and Honey Amaretti alongside more creative combinations of Lemon Ricotta Souffle Pancakes, Pumpkin Gnocchi Fried in Sage Butter and Ricotta, Lemon and Herb-Stuffed Courgette Flowers. The occasional addition of meat and fish enhances rather than dominates, making these dishes fit seamlessly into a modern way of eating.

Whether you’re looking for a supper for one or cooking for a hungry crowd, Letitia's vibrant and accessible recipes will guide you through the year, drawing inspiration from Italy’s beautiful seasonal produce along the way.

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Wednesday 29th May, 7pm (doors 6:30) @ David's Bookshop 

Baking with Pride: An Evening with GBBO's Janusz Domagala 

Tasting and author talk! Join us for a joyous celebration of Pride and baking with GBBO standout star, Janusz Domagala. The 100 recipes include cakes, cookies, buns, cheesecake, tarts, brownies, meringues, cupcakes and lots more. Whether you want to show yourself some self-love, throw a brunch for friends, or host a huge Pride party with a show-stopping cake there's something here for you.

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Tuesday 9th July, 7pm (doors 6:30) @ David's Bookshop 

An Evening with Julia Armfield for Private Rites  

The bestselling author of Our Wives Under the Sea returns with a stunning, unsettling novel following three sisters navigating queer love and faith at the end of the world.

It’s been raining for a long time now, for so long that the lands have reshaped themselves and the cities have retreated to higher storeys. Old places have been lost. Arcane rituals and religions have crept back into practice.

Sisters Isla, Irene and Agnes have not spoken in some time when their estranged father dies. A famous architect revered for making the new world navigable, he had long cut himself off from public life. They find themselves uncertain of how to grieve his passing when everything around them seems to be ending anyway.

As the sisters come together to clear the grand glass house that is the pinnacle of his legacy, they begin to sense that the magnetic influence of their father lives on through it. Soon it becomes clear that others have also taken an interest in both his estate and in them, and that perhaps their inheritance may not be theirs alone.

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Tuesday 11th July, 6:30pm (doors 6pm) @ David's Bookshop 

An Evening with Melissa Hemsley for Real Healthy 

Delicious, wholesome, life-friendly recipes to help you eat well, every day.

‘Real Healthy is my kind of cooking – nourishing, easy, full-flavoured and veg-packed meals for real life. With shortcuts, simple batch cooking, time-saving traybakes and packed lunches you’ll actually look forward to(!), I hope this book helps busy people and families navigate the tricky problem of how to cut back on ultra-processed foods.’ - Melissa Hemsley

Melissa has long been an advocate for making wholesome, healthy food at home and is passionate about providing solutions for people who are scared by the headlines, and keen to make cost- and timeeffective changes that help un-process their everyday diet. With 90 recipes such as One-Pot Lazy Lasagne, Cherry Almond Granola, Take-To-Work White Bean Chicken Chilli, as well as ‘build your own’ recipes for UPF-free soups, sandwiches and smoothies. She also offers handy hints for freezing food, and maintaining a well-stocked, useable, and UPF-free store cupboard.

This is not a diet book nor a demonisation of ultra-processed foods. Melissa is not suggesting that completely cutting out UPFs is necessary or even possible (they are an essential option for some people), instead Real Healthy is a cookbook hoping to provide solutions for those looking to readdress the balance of what’s on their plates.

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Wednesday 12th June, 7pm (doors 6:30) @ David's Bookshop 

An Evening with Alison Weir 

We are thrilled to welcome bestselling author and historian Alison Weir back to David's for a talk on her new novel Mary I: Queen of Sorrows

Alison Weir is a bestselling historical novelist of Tudor fiction, and the leading female historian in the United Kingdom. She has published more than thirty books, including many leading works of non-fiction, and has sold over three million copies worldwide. Alison is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and an honorary life patron of Historic Royal Palaces. Alison Weir’s new Tudor novel, a tale full of drama and tragedy, tells the story of how a princess with such promise, loved by all who knew her, becomes the infamous Bloody Mary.

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