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Gardener's Folklore: The Ancient Secrets for Gardening Magic by Margaret Baker

Gardener's Folklore: The Ancient Secrets for Gardening Magic by Margaret Baker

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Ever wondered if there's any truth behind planting by the moon? Or why wassailing is still a common folk practice in some parts of the world? In Gardener's Folklore, the record of these practices is unveiled, with plenty of tips and tricks to try in your own 21st century garden for blooming bushes and plentiful potatoes. First published in 1976, Gardener's Folklore collects the little bits of magic and myth to be found in the gardens of Britain and North America. Compiled from letters sent by gardeners to the author Margaret Baker, it unravels and documents the mysterious sayings and scraps of knowledge that are passed down through generations, while exploring the science of the time that backed up - or in some cases, didn't - the claims that were made.

This delightfully written book shows just what people have believed and still believe will help their plants to grow. The observance of lunar and astrological conditions when planting, ways of encouraging fruit-bearing and discouraging pests, beliefs about the effects of climate and calendar, spells, the influence for good and bad of certain plants, the links between owners and trees - these are only a few of the aspects of gardening lore that are discussed. Gleaned from the people who grew up with them, they have much to say about our rural origins as well as having, here and there, implications for our future.

Capturing the knowledge that old-time gardeners used to have remarkable successes, the ancient secrets of a happy healthy garden are shared for a new generation of green-fingered plant-lovers.


Publication: 19 Mar 2024, David & Charles
ISBN: 9781446312599

Extent: 195 pages, 55 illustrations

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