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Tidal Waters by Velia Vidal

Tidal Waters by Velia Vidal

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An epistolary, fictional account of one woman moving towards happiness in the black community of Colombia’s Pacific coast. After a long absence, Vel has come home to Chocó – to the Afro-Colombian community, to her family, to the sea. This is where the Pacific meets the Caribbean, where she’s establishing herself anew.

And the record she keeps is a series of letters to a friend, clarifying for herself where she stands, as she describes that homecoming to another. Vel works to build a literary centre, writing career, and festival with and for the people there. But her return to Chocó is also a claim-staking of her decision to pursue happiness now; an account of her immersion in the towns and rivers and forests she came from; and a redefinition of her relationship to sex and love in real time.

And Tidal Waters is a vision of how creating something (for your community, for yourself) is a way of reading and writing your way into a known place and a new self.

Publication: 14 May 2024, Charco Press

ISBN: 9781782278498

Extent: 135 pages

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