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Good Time Cooking: Show-Stopping Menus for Easy Entertaining by Rosie MacKean (PRE-ORDER)

Good Time Cooking: Show-Stopping Menus for Easy Entertaining by Rosie MacKean (PRE-ORDER)

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Good Time Cooking will be your saviour anytime you find yourself hosting, from date night to game night, to feeding a crowd, this book will have you prepared to create simple yet impressive multi-course meals so you can always have the confidence in the kitchen and find the time to enjoy your own dinner party too. This book is your one-stop-shop to cooking cohesive, composed, and delicious dinner menus for every occasion. Sharing her expert knowledge from working in busy restaurants around the world, Rosie Mackean gives you all the tools to host a dinner party with ease.

Showing you what you can prepare in advance and how to create a sense of flow in the kitchen, Rosie shares 20 multi-course menus full of crowd-pleasing recipes that will have your guests asking for seconds. Each menu comes with its own curated time plan, mise-en-place list and styling guide so even the presentation will be made easy. The dishes work in harmony with each other, both logistically and stylistically – if you don’t want to cook every course, you don’t have to.

As your confidence grows, you can even mix and match with other menus and use the information given in the time plans to intertwine them. Rosie also provides handy scaling guides and advice so that you can intuitively learn how to increase or reduce serving sizes to suit your needs. The dishes are vibrant, celebratory, exceedingly delicious and highly cookable.

Each menu is themed; sometimes for an occasion (date night, BBQs, birthdays) or by a necessity (5 ingredients, hosting with short notice or with popular store-cupboard ingredients only) or simply a style of cuisine (Italian, Mexican, retro, seafood). The time-plan can start three days before the big event, giving you the option of spreading your prep into manageable chunks if you wish – where it is possible to prepare in advance a dish or an element of a dish, the option is always there. Rosie’s menus enable any host to wow their guests without losing their whole evening to cooking, so they can relax and enjoy their own dinner party too.


Publication: 12 Sept 2024, Harper Collins, Pavilion

ISBN: 9780008641399

Extent: 256 pages 

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