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Heir by Sabaa Tahir (PRE-ORDER)

Heir by Sabaa Tahir (PRE-ORDER)

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An orphan. An outcast.

A prince. And a killer who will bring an empire to its knees. Growing up in the Kegari slums, AIZ has seen her share of suffering.

An old tragedy fuels her need for vengeance, but it is the love of her people that propels her. Until one hot-headed mistake lands her in an inescapable prison, where the embers of her wrath ignite. Banished from her tribe for an unforgivable crime, SIRSHA is an down-on-her-luck tracker who speaks to the earth, air, and water to trace her marks.

Destitute, she agrees to hunt down a killer who has murdered children across the Empire. All she has to do is carry out the job and get paid. But then, she falls for a charismatic and inconvenient fugitive who keeps getting in her way.

QUIL is the crown prince of the Empire, nephew of a famed and venerated empress, but he's loath to pick up the mantle when his aunt steps down. As the son of the most hated emperor in the history of his people, he, better than anyone, understands that power corrupts. When a vicious new enemy threatens the survival of the Empire, Quil must ask himself if he can rise above his tragic lineage and be the heir his people need.

Beloved storyteller Sabaa Tahir masterfully interweaves the lives of three young people as they grapple with the burdens of power, the treachery of love and the devastating consequences of unchecked greed. Get ready for a dark and breathless journey that will captivate readers and that may cost these young people their lives - and their hearts. Literally.

Publication: 3 Oct 2024, Little Brown
ISBN: 9780349125596

Extent: 544 pages

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