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Lovebug by Daisy Lafarge

Lovebug by Daisy Lafarge

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In Lovebug, Daisy Lafarge explores metaphors of love and disease as she seeks to understand human vulnerability and our intimacy with microbial life. Turning to microbiology, mysticism, and psychoanalysis - as well as the raw materials of love and life - Lafarge navigates the uncomfortable intimacy between the human body and the many bacteria, vi-ruses, and parasites to which it is host. Lovebug is a book about the poetics of infection, and about how we can learn to live with multispecies ambivalence.

How might we forge non-phobic relationships to our 'little beasts'? How might we re-wild our imaginations? In weaving the personal with the pathological, Lovebug complicates the idea of coherent selfhood, revealing life as a site of radical vulnerability and an ongoing negotiation with limit.

Publication: 5 Oct 2023, Peninsula Press
ISBN: 9781913512378

Extent: 192 pages

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