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Mars: A Beginner’s Guide to Exploring the Red Planet (PRE-ORDER)

Mars: A Beginner’s Guide to Exploring the Red Planet (PRE-ORDER)

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The perfect gift for anyone eager to learn more about the Red Planet Discover all you need to know about Mars – including the historic, cultural and scientific background and exploratory missions – with this accessible guide for aspiring and seasoned astronomers, packed full of stunning images. · Learn about humanity’s fascination with Mars from antiquity to the modern day · Read about the evolution of the planet, its moons and all the facts and figures · Discover how to study Mars with the essential equipment for observation and photography · Comes with an “Atlas” to help you find your way around the planet when looking at images · Includes resources for further study and a glossary of key terms Mars gives you a complete understanding of one of the true wonders of our Solar System and leaves you prepared for the adventure of a lifetime, including what the future holds and the potential for manned missions.


Publication: 12 Sept 2024, Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780008604325

Extent: 112 pages

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