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Real Healthy by Melissa Hemsley (PRE-ORDER, SIGNED)

Real Healthy by Melissa Hemsley (PRE-ORDER, SIGNED)

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DATE OF RELEASE: 11th July 2024

Signed edition.

Research has shown that ultra-processed foods have been linked to high-blood pressure, heart disease and other serious illnesses, yet the average person in the UK gets a whopping 56% of their calories from UPFs, with an even higher figure for
children. Chris van Tulleken’s book Ultra-Processed People showed many of us what a detrimental effect UPFs can have on our health and wellbeing. We know that reducing the amount of UPFs in our diets is advised, but in our busy lives, they can be hard to avoid – they’re affordable, familiar and heavily marketed. So, what’s the solution?

Real Healthy is a life-friendly cookbook for time-poor people who want healthy food that’s quick, convenient and tasty, too. Melissa Hemsley provides simple, doable, and delicious recipes to help you tackle those every day tricky problem areas – on-the-go breakfasts, al desko lunches, satisfying snacks, and easy to make sweet treats – as well as tips on what to look out for when trying to identify UPFs. She also provides helpful meal plans to stay on
top of the week’s shopping and cooking, making it easy for you to pack wholefoods in, and steer clear of ‘UPF-traps’.

Hardback, signed by Melissa Hemsley
Publication: 11 July 2024, Ebury
ISBN: 9781529940251

Extent: 224 pages

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