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Shy Creatures by Clare Chambers (PRE-ORDER)

Shy Creatures by Clare Chambers (PRE-ORDER)

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DATE OF RELEASE: Expected 29 August 2024

PREORDER SHY CREATURES: the masterful new novel from Clare Chambers about love, family and the joy of freedom. In all failed relationships there is a point that passes unnoticed at the time, which can later be identified as the beginning of the decline. For Helen it was the weekend that the Hidden Man came to Westbury Park. Croydon, 1964.

Helen Hansford is in her thirties and an art therapist in a psychiatric hospital where she has been having a long love affair with Gil: a charismatic, married doctor. One spring afternoon they receive a call about a disturbance from a derelict house not far from Helen's home. A thirty-seven-year-old man called William Tapping, with a beard down to his waist, has been discovered along with his elderly aunt.

It is clear he has been shut up in the house for decades, but when it emerges that William is a talented artist, Helen is determined to discover his story. Shy Creatures is a life-affirming novel about all the different ways we can be confined, how ordinary lives are built of delicate layers of experience, the joy of freedom and the transformative power of kindness.

Publication: 29 August 2024, Orion
ISBN: 9781399602556

Extent: 400 pages 

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