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Strange Things Are Happening by Richard Norris

Strange Things Are Happening by Richard Norris

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'The rainbow reaches right across the sky, for miles and miles, and has landed right in the middle of our field. My­ mother, Alison, is standing at the beginning. I'm sure it's a beginning, rather than the end, as there's no pot of gold in sight. The point where everything forms or, perhaps, is not quite formed as yet. That's my favourite place. A place alive with possibility.' 

Strange Things Are Happening begins with the wonder of that rainbow, and continues with many escapades down the rabbit hole.

From punk and the beginnings of the DIY scene, through Acid House, psychedelia, the rise of electronic dance music and much more, Richard Norris has been involved in countless countercultural revolutions. From misadventures in Amsterdam with Timothy Leary, with Sun Ra at customs, and Shaun Ryder in Joe Strummer's beaten up Cadillac in Tijuana, to his extraordinarily influential output in The Grid and Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, Richard Norris' story is one of collaboration and community, fuelled by relentless psychedelic curiosity. Strange Things Are Happening is a record of a life lived in the moment, forever in thrall to discovery, exploration and innovation - the search for what lies at the other end of that rainbow.

Publication: 21 Mar 2024, Orion, White Rabbit
ISBN: 9781399609760

Extent: 304 pages, 24 b&w integrated photos

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