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The Console Chronicles by Lost in Cult (PRE-ORDER)

The Console Chronicles by Lost in Cult (PRE-ORDER)

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The Console Chronicles will take you on a unique journey through the history of gaming platforms. Fifty years ago, the home console was an anomaly that predated when everyone around the world knew the name Nintendo. With each passing generation, consoles evolved, their pixels exchanged for polygons.

Over time, these machines gained popularity and brought the beginnings of a new artistic frontier. Consoles enabled split-screen chaos, late-night LAN parties, and interlinked online play – connecting friendships worldwide. The Console Chronicles is the ultimate tribute to not only five decades of home console gaming, but to the incredible people, and their remarkable stories, which make our shared history special.

Telling tales of sibling rivalries and disruptive ideas, personal resonance and technical triumph, this is a celebration of every system that you hold dear. Words and art by: Christian Donlan, Ashley Esqueda, Julian Rignall, Damien McFerran, Sara Heritage, Alex Olney, Alana Hagues, Mer Grazzini, Dan Adelman, Alicia Haddick, Stephen Maurice, Graham, Adam Koralik, Raul Higuera, Brendan Hess,e Suhaila Karim, Plus many more! 

Publication: 12 Sept 2024, Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780008616588

Extent: 384 pages

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