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The Proof of My Innocence by Jonathan Coe (PRE-ORDER)

The Proof of My Innocence by Jonathan Coe (PRE-ORDER)

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DATE OF RELEASE: Expected 7 November 2024

When Phyl, a young literature graduate, moves back home with her parents, she soon finds herself frustrated by the narrow horizons of English country life. As for her plans of becoming a writer, those are going nowhere. But the chance discovery of a forgotten novelist from the 1980s stirs her into action, as does a visit from her uncle Richard - especially when he tells her that he’s working on a political story that might put his life in danger.

Richard has been following the careers of a group of students, all present at Cambridge University in the 1980s, now members of a think-tank which has been quietly pushing the British government towards extremism. And now, after years in the political wilderness, they might be in a position to put their ideas into action. As Britain finds itself under the leadership of a new Prime Minister whose tenure will only last for seven weeks, Richard pursues his story to a mysterious conference taking place deep in the Cotswolds.

When Phyl hears that one of the delegates has been murdered, she begins to wonder if real life is starting to merge with the novel she’s been trying to write. But does the explanation really lie in contemporary politics, or in a literary enigma that is almost forty years old? Darting between decades and genres, The Proof of My Innocence reimagines the coming-of-age story, the cosy crime caper and the state-of-the-nation novel with Coe’s trademark humour and warmth. 

Publication: 7 November 2024, Penguin, Viking
ISBN: 9780241678411

Extent: 368 pages 

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