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Women Living Deliciously by Florence Given (SIGNED, INDIE EDITION)

Women Living Deliciously by Florence Given (SIGNED, INDIE EDITION)

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DATE OF RELEASE: Expected 8 Oct 2024

WOMEN LIVING DELICIOUSLY wants us to fall in love with our lives. It will help women uncover the sense of awe and wonder that has been buried by the layers of shame, perfectionism and self-objectification that get piled on us by the patriarchy. For too long we have internalised the belief that our bodies are things to be looked at - instead of lived in.

That it's embarrassing to fully express ourselves. That we cannot trust the parts of ourselves that are so full of desire. This book will unpack the many barriers women face when trying to access joy so that they can discover the delicious life that's theirs for the taking.

International-bestselling author Florence Given wants to restore your lust for life and your sense of agency, giving you the courage and permission to inch closer to the wildly expansive life that you FULLY deserve - not in the future, not when you're perfect, not when you're prettier - but right now.

Hardback, signed indie edition

Publication: 8 Oct 2024, Octopus 
ISBN: 9781914240485

Extent: 304 pages

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