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Baby Sign Language: A Fun and Simple Guide to Early Communication by Mary Smith

Baby Sign Language: A Fun and Simple Guide to Early Communication by Mary Smith

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Start signing with your baby today! This comprehensive book makes signing easy with photos of real kids using 100+ signs, plus expert advice on teaching your baby to communicate early. In Baby Sign Language, Mary Smith, ASL interpreter and founder of popular sign language education business Sign 'n Grow shares everything you need for learning how to sign with your 3-year-old. Maybe you've seen it online or remember a friend and their baby signing MILK or MORE.

No matter why you're interested, what you've heard is true: signing is one of the best ways to kickstart communication. When your baby can sign, they'll get frustrated less and you will be able to bond more closely. At the heart of the book are a broad array of photographed signs that are easy to understand thanks to the real kids signing them.

You'll find everything your baby wants to tell you, including: Mealtime Signs: Milk, Food, More, All Done, Drink, Water, Please, Thank You, Yes, No, Hungry, Thirsty. Daytime Signs: Help, Open, Up, Pacifier, Light, Bath, Diaper, Blanket, Bed, Sleep, Morning, Night, Potty, Poop, and A Variety of Clothing Signs Playtime Signs: Again, Read, Book, Play, Toy, Dance, Music, Ball, Try, Friend, Take Turns, Gentle, Dog, Cat Family Signs: Love, Mommy, Daddy, Baby, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa, How Baby Feels Signs: Feel, Happy, Silly, Sad, Angry, Scared, Frustrated, Sleepy, Hurt Outdoors Signs: House, Walk, Outside, Playground, Grass, Tree, Car, Airplane, Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain, Snow. And many more! With songs, stories, and games to encourage learning, and insider tips to boost your baby's language development, this is truly an all-in-one guide for helping your baby tell you their wants and needs before they start to talk.

Publication: 15 Nov 2022, Quarto
ISBN: 9780760375747

Extent: 176 pages 

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