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Bodies by Christine Anne Foley

Bodies by Christine Anne Foley

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You were everything I ever wanted. Johnny was my first. I was seventeen and I was only brave enough to talk to him after I'd had three vodkas.

He was only brave enough to kiss me when no-one else was around. Dave was different. We didn't go out or see friends.

We were each other's world. Dave was all I needed. We were toxic before it became fashionable.

Kyle was my best friend. And that was the problem. Or at least that's what he said was the problem.

Because friends can hook up but they can't date. Adam was meant to be some harmless fun. I met him in a hotel and he was wearing an Adidas tracksuit.

Casual but cute. He was anything but harmless. And then I met You.


Hardback, 208 pages
Publication: 4 Jul 2024, John Murray

ISBN: 9781399807203

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