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Collins Stargazer’s Bible: Your Illustrated Companion to the Night Sky (PRE-ORDER)

Collins Stargazer’s Bible: Your Illustrated Companion to the Night Sky (PRE-ORDER)

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The Stargazer’s Bible is the fifth title in this stunning and engaging series, and the perfect companion to The Backyard Birdwatcher’s Bible. It is packed with absolutely everything you need to follow the progress of constellations, night sky events, and celestial facts. And the best part—it’s open to everyone, everywhere, for free.

A sumptuous aesthetic is paired with practical tips from experts of the Royal Greenwich Observatory on charting lunar phases and celestial events, notable astronomical anniversaries and facts, the best equipment for stargazing and particular events for your location complete with maps, and much more, packaged into a beautiful, illustrative gift book. Never miss a night sky event wherever you are in the world, go meteor-spotting, and track phases of the moon, constellations, and planetary events. Discover Dark Sky Sites and what we can learn from reducing light pollution.

Get to know the Moon’s features and phases, constellations, comets, planetary bodies, eclipses, conjunctions, and more. Find out what you can see with the naked eye and the wider canvas of a telescope. With The Stargazer’s Bible, embrace the magnificent splendour of the rich tapestry of the skies above.

CONTENTS How to Use This Book How to Stargaze Safely & Sustainably The Rules & Etiquette of Stargazing Brief Glossary Chapter 1: Stargazing through the Ages Chapter 2: Stargazing for Beginners Chapter 3: Stargazing Tools and Techniques Chapter 4: The Art of the Sky Index

Publication: 26 Sept 2024, Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780008644246

Extent: 416 pages

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