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Love Letters to a Serial Killer by Tasha Coryell (PRE-ORDER)

Love Letters to a Serial Killer by Tasha Coryell (PRE-ORDER)

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Hannah's love life? Dying. Career? Dead. New pen pal? Deadly.

Hannah Wilson can't text her ex again - it's too sad. She can't snap back at the new boss who took her promotion either - she'll be fired. But what she can do is write a series of furious letters to William Thompson, arrested for the murders of multiple women he got close to.

You're a monster, I hope you know that. I want you to listen when I tell you that I'll never be able to go on a date again without thinking of you. Every moment I will wonder whether he wants to love me or murder me.

Hannah's shocked when William writes back, each response more surprising than the last. And as communication tips from curiosity to obsession, Hannah has to wonder if William might be innocent, and whether she even wants him to be...


Publication: 4 Jul 2024, Orion
ISBN: 9781398716711

Extent: 336 pages 

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