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Palmistry Flashcards by Anna Comerford (PRE-ORDER)

Palmistry Flashcards by Anna Comerford (PRE-ORDER)

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Learn to read palms at a glance! Palm-reading (palmistry) is an ancient art of fortune-telling. This set of 50 cards contains all you need to know to get started at palm-reading quickly and easily. You will begin reading your own and your friends' palms straightaway.

Each card covers a different line or mark on the palm as well as a relevant information such as thumb shape, length and flexibility. You will discover the secrets of every line and mark on your palm. They all have a positive message, just as every experience in life has a gift and message for you.

The lines and marks on your palms can change just as your thoughts and beliefs do. And every line on the palm is part of who you are. When you read palms from your heart, the experience of palmistry is energising, fulfilling and fun.

Delve into your subconscious world where symbols and messages dwell so your readings become more alive..


Publication: 1 Aug 2024, Rockpool Publishing

ISBN: 9781922786173

Extent: 51 cards

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