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Scream Queen: A memoir by Yvette Fielding

Scream Queen: A memoir by Yvette Fielding

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Seances, Ouija boards, table tipping, knocking phenomena - all in a day's work for the First Lady of the Paranormal. Yvette Fielding has nerves of steel when facing down her tormentors in the spirit world. Her living-world personal story also reveals a woman of courage and determination, who built success from nothing, following her passion and lifelong curiosity in search of answers to the unexplained.

Yvette was always fascinated with the afterlife, and Buddhist meditation practice opened her up to any spirit who wanted to contact her. This manifested in her first family home. Their TV would switch itself on, and kitchen cupboards would open and close all by themselves.

When alone there, Yvette would arm herself with a Samurai sword to confront her unseen visitors. But it was a harrowing investigation of eerie 800 year-old Michelham Priory where Yvette’s life-changing Most Haunted adventure began, and still continues many terrifying quests and over twenty years later. Here you’ll walk with Yvette where others fear to tread through chills of the supernatural kind, and she also talks with candid honesty of occasional cold spots she’s encountered in human form.

But through all the drops in temperature, the nation’s most celebrated ghost hunter radiates warmth and humour and it’s a joy to accompany her on her incredible journey from child TV star to Most Haunted icon. Beware sceptics: the Scream Queen's story could change your world view for ever.


Publication: 30 May 2024, Ebury

ISBN: 9781529929140

Extent: 272 pages 

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