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Banchan: 60 Korean American Recipes for Delicious, Shareable Sides by Caroline Choe (PRE-ORDER)

Banchan: 60 Korean American Recipes for Delicious, Shareable Sides by Caroline Choe (PRE-ORDER)

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Banchan, the shared side dishes that accompany a Korean meal, are often the real stars of the table, and it's time we celebrate them. This first-of-its-kind cookbook showcases the wide world of banchan, from traditional staples to modern Korean American renditions, with 60 recipes from the kitchen of chef Caroline Choe. Highlighting this underrepresented aspect of Korean cuisine, Banchan offers 60 mouthwatering recipes for classic and modern banchan dishes so home cooks everywhere can get in on the deliciousness.

From namul (fresh vegetables) to buchimgae (pancakes), these snacky sides are proof that big flavor can be found in small bites: Smoky Gochujang Chicken Salad makes a delightful midweek lunch. Perfectly tender-on-the-inside, crisp-on-the-outside Hobakjeon (Zucchini Pancakes) are what dreams are made of. Pa Muchim (Shaved Green Onion Salad) is a must-have with a Korean barbecue meal or an unexpected pizza topping.

And, of course, a favorite: Kimchi! Use Mom and Dad’s Kimchi, a favorite recipe passed down through Caroline’s family, to make Kimchi Mac & Cheese or Creamy Kimchi Bacon Dip for a crowd-pleasing party dish. With tips on stocking a Korean American pantry and ideas for making banchan into a meal—add to a quiche, wrap in a kimbap, pile on a sandwich—Banchan shares an ancient and beloved feature of Korean cooking that will make every meal sing. MODERN KOREAN COOKING: In addition to traditional recipes, the book showcases chef Caroline Choe's original renditions and modern applications of banchan, such as a grilled "Kimcheese" sandwich, Tomato Potato Miso Soup, Smoky Gochujang Chicken Salad, and Pa Muchim Pizza.

DELICIOUS SHAREABLE RECIPES: These recipes are tasty and easy to make, written with the home cook in mind. Anyone can bring the essential banchan into their home kitchen! FIRST OF ITS KIND: The first U.S. cookbook covering this topic, Banchan elevates a beloved aspect of Korean cooking that deserves the spotlight for both its significance to the cuisine as well as its undeniable deliciousness.

A CELEBRATION OF THE FIRST-GENERATION EXPERIENCE: In addition to a trove of new and old recipes, Caroline shares stories about her background and upbringing as a first-generation Korean American. Following in the footsteps of successful cookbook authors such as Priya Krishna, Eric Kim, and Andrea Nguyen, Caroline joins a strong tradition of authors passionately sharing their experiences and the cuisines of their heritage with American readers. Perfect for: Home cooks of all skill levels interested in learning more about Korean American cooking Korean food enthusiasts First-generation cooks Shoppers who frequent H-Mart and other popular Asian markets Fans of Korean American, My Korea, Indian-ish, Crying in H Mart, or Chili Crisp


Publication: 7 Nov 2024, Chronicle

ISBN: 9781797227115

Extent: 208 pages

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