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Lost Souls Meet Under a Full Moon by Mizuki Tsujimura (PRE-ORDER)

Lost Souls Meet Under a Full Moon by Mizuki Tsujimura (PRE-ORDER)

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DATE OF RELEASE: 16 Jan 2025

Is there anyone you wish to see? When Hirase, a young woman from Tokyo, arranges an appointment with the Go-Between, she doesn't expect a teenager to show up. Dressed preppily in a duffel coat and carrying a scuffed notebook, he arranges for the dead to meet the living. At least, this is what Hirase has been told.

He ushers his clients into a chilly hospital courtyard where he lays down the rules: the reunion is at full moon; the deceased can be summoned only once; they can refuse; the service is entirely free. - Hirase asks to see the TV star who once helped her; - A stubborn family man asks his deceased mother where the deeds are to some land; - A young woman gets a horrible shock when she receives a message from the best friend whose death she caused;- A weary salary man explores why his girlfriend went missing days after he proposed. With each heartbreaking reunion, clues are scattered for readers to piece together the mindblowing truth behind the boy in the duffel coat, as Tsujimura shows with astonishing empathy and insight how the power of memory can give our lives meaning.

Who would you like to see?

Publication: 16 Jan 2025, Doubleday
ISBN: 9780857529657

Extent: 266 pages

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